Patio Washing

Lakeland Patio Washing For Beautifully Clean Outdoor Living Spaces

If you’re ready to relax in your Lakeland patio, let the pressure washing experts at WASHERZ Exterior Cleaning get it sparkling clean first. Our professional patio washing service is just what your outdoor living space needs to look better than ever and keep the good vibes going!

WASHERZ Exterior Cleaning is the number one company people rely on for pressure washing in the Lakeland area. Folks know they can count on us because we always treat them right. From our outstanding customer service, honest and affordable rates to our five-star pressure washing results, WASHERZ Exterior Cleaning has the professional skills and attitude it takes to bring our customers the treatment they deserve. When you’re tired of dealing with spots and stains taking away from the curb appeal of your home, trust only WASHERZ Exterior Cleaning to take care of them for you!


The Many Benefits Of Our Professional Patio Washing

Our patio washing service isn’t a rinse-up job. We use the industry’s leading pressure washing technology to ensure your patio gets thorough, revitalizing clean. When you rely on our patio washing experts to clean your cherished outdoor living space, we’ll carefully remove any furniture or fragile items from the surfaces to be cleaned. Then we’ll employ our soft washing technology to soak your surfaces with our premium eco-friendly cleaning solutions gently. These cleaning agents do a fantastic job of breaking down substances that are attached to your surfaces. Once they’ve loosened up any contaminants, our professional patio washing team will give your patio a safe rinse to reveal a remarkable shine.

Some of the benefits of our professional patio washing service include:

  • You’ll enjoy a safer space to relax in because patio washing eliminates slippery substances that can lead to injury.
  • You can expect your patio to last you for much longer because our cleaning treatment preserves and protects the integrity of your surfaces.
  • You don’t have to stress about trying to clean your patio yourself– let our pros do all the hard work!
  • Your patio will look better than ever, and this makes it all the more inviting for you and your guests to chill out in.

Porch Cleaning

Do you have a porch that could use some cleaning? Then give WASHERZ Exterior Cleaning a call! Our patio washing system works marvelously for porches just as much as patios. We’ll carefully pressure wash blemishes and eyesores such as algae, mold, mildew, stains, and more. When you need top-rated patio washing and porch cleaning in Lakeland, you can count on WASHERZ Exterior Cleaning!

Keep in mind that patio washing is far from the only expert pressure washing service we provide. We’re also the company you can depend on for exterior cleaning treatments such as house washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and more! Call our specialists today and ask for a free estimate at 863-337-8236.