Paver Sealing

Professional Paver Sealing Services in Lakeland, FL

As a homeowner, the best way to get more years from your pavers is by having them cleaned and then sealed. This adds a protective layer that can shield your pavers from the sun’s UV rays which can discolor them. It also makes them easier to clean because dirt cannot penetrate as deep into the porous brick or concrete material. Your contractor will probably tell you to seal your pavers immediately after the installation is complete. But many homeowners wait until pavers have already started to fade, crack, or accumulate dirt.

To prevent some problems like the one mentioned above, WASHERZ Exterior Cleaning can help you by cleaning and sealing your pavers. To help homeowners understand the benefits, we have decided to answer some of the frequent questions we get asked pertaining to paver sealing and cleaning. The following are some of those questions:

Q: What is Paver Sealing?

A: Paver sealing is a process whereby coats of sealants are applied on your paver bricks or blocks to make them stain-resistant, prevent the growth of microorganisms, and protect them from harsh weather conditions (and if they are colors, protect from the sun’s UV rays which can make them fade). Sealing and cleaning prevent your pavers from early crack and damage. However, if you need a professional paver sealing/cleaning company, (Company’s name at Lakeland is the ideal type of company you should hire.

Q: Why must I Seal and Clean My Pavers?

A: There are a number of reasons you need to seal and clean your pavers. One is to buy your pavers adequate protection and another is to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Paver sealing and cleaning will also make buyers value your building more if you later decide on selling it.

Q: When do I Need to Seal and Clean My Pavers?

A: If you have just installed your pavers, now is the perfect time to hire WASHERZ Exterior Cleaning in Lakeland to help you seal them. If you have existing pavers, we can pressure wash them to help prepare them for the sealing process. This ensures that no dirt or stains become trapped under the sealant!

Q: How Much Is Paver Sealing/Cleaning Cost?

A: It really just depends on how many pavers we’re cleaning and/or sealing. We would love to give you a free estimate.

Q: Can I Do My Own Paver Sealing and Cleaning?

A: Without the proper tools, training, and experience, you will probably get mixed results. We use high powered pressure washing machines that can easily clean broad strokes across your pavers, rather than trying to clean them individually by using a wand attachment, or scrubbing. It is also important to ensure that the sealing process is completed correctly, and all at once. This ensures even coverage and maximum protection. There is no easy way to undo paver sealing. Why risk it? Instead, hire a professional team like WASHERZ Exterior Cleaning!

You can contact our company if you have any question with regards our paver sealing and paver cleaning services. We look forward to working with you!